The Deluge of Elias

I’m not religious. I was brought up as Roman Catholic which is probably why I’m not religious now, but like symmetry on the mantle piece and shelves, and hate incense. Over the years I’ve also sought to understand, at least superficially, the workings of the major religions and the more popular sects currently operating.

Receiving a message from god has always been a particular interest for me. It seemed there was a time when god was literally just chatting with everyone, and in many cases being a massive psychopath: “Hey, Abraham….. yeah, I’m talking to you! You say you’re loyal to me eh? Well, take your son Isaac up the mountain and kill him…… Serious? Yes, I’m serious.” And then at the last moment god turns around and is like: “Woah, woah, WOAH! Abraham, what the hell dude!? I was joking….. Kill that lamb instead.” (Yes, it was a messenger and not god that stayed Abraham’s hand but that’s not as funny).

One day I’m thinking about how god is always keen that his message of imminent destruction is only ever revealed to one person, and that person is only allowed to save their immediate family. Or in the case of Noah, his immediate family……. and two of every animal on earth (and once they landfall on Mount Arrarat the polar bears head thousands of miles north, the penguins begin their waddle thousands of miles south, the kangaroos give the echidnas and platypuses a lift, and the octopuses look at Noah with a look of “Nice one, dumbass”.

So I’m thinking about messengers and messages from god and how the only people that receive those messages nowadays are usually classified as insane. From that train of thought I considered what would happen in a dystopian society where it would be practically impossible for a person to receive a message from god. And if god did send a message how could that be achieved, and how could someone under strict control, not only physically, but mentally be able to act on those instructions.

The answer is: The Deluge of Elias

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