Eat the Rich Part 1

23:59h. 31st December 2020.

Simultaneously every radio, television, and internet device emitted the same message: “This is the United Kingdom emergency broadcast system, please stand by“. For ten minutes the message repeated on a loop.

This is the Uni… *CLICK*” the automated message abruptly cut off, a high pitched electronic squeal briefly sounded followed by an electric hum as if someone had plugged an audio connector in the wrong place.


“People of the United Kingdom, don’t touch that dial, we are finally united.” A new voice echoed from the transmission, a blast of feedback, and then signal was clear again. “It is not known how long this broadcast will continue. One hour ago this country officially left the European Union. The result is that we are now on our own. The ports are closed. Our airspace is locked down. The Channel Tunnel has been sealed. Food, medicine, and power will inevitably be rationed or unavailable. Some of you voted for this, the majority of us did not. This is the start of our struggle to regain control of this country from those who would conspire to suppress us. “

“I am one voice, but I speak for the many. I speak for you. I speak for the Faction for the People. Right now, Faction for the People units are seizing control of infrastructure and military assets. If you are at a site that our commanders are entering please do not resist. It is important that the transfer of power back to you, back to the people happens as safely as possible. Together we will take back control of this country, join us as we do so. We suggest you stay in your homes until morning, however you can volunteer at any Faction for the People command post. The revolution will not be televised, but you can hear it as it happens.”

“We have people working for us within social media platforms. If you have any questions or concerns then please find us @FactionFor. I’ll try to address as many of your questions here as I can. If @FactionFor is not available on a specific platform then continue searching until you find us. We do not follow back, and we do not reply to posts online. If you receive a reply then the account has been compromised, if you receive a follow back then the account has been compromised. Any FactionFor account created after July 2018 is fake, do not interact with it. This broadcast is the only place you will receive a response. This broadcast is the only source you can rely on right now.”

“I repeat, stay in your homes. Keep listening. This is Faction for the People.”


This is the United Kingdom emergency broadcast system, please stand by.

“This is the Prime Minister speaking. It is with regret that I inform you all that a state of emergency has been declared and a military curfew is now in place. For your own safety, please stay in your homes.  I am convening with my cabinet to formulate a robust and swift response to the threat that now endangers our country. During this time anyone found in public areas following this broadcast will be subject to arrest. There may be interruptions to power and water supplies but these will only be temporary.”

“I repeat. Stay in your homes. Failure to do so will result in arrest. Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.”

This is the United Kingdom emergency broadcast system, please stand by.

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